Geothermal Energy for Construction Companies

Are you seeking a reliable and experienced expert to collaborate with on your geothermal energy project? Rototec offers consultation, drilling, and installation of geoenergy systems with ground-source heating and cooling.

The leading provider of geoenergy

More and more players in the construction industry are choosing to invest in geoenergy - facilities that combine energy from ground-source heating and cooling. Geoenergy is not only independent of market prices and largely renewable, but it also increases the value of properties and buildings.

As the largest provider of geoenergy, we have vast experience in various types and sizes of projects. We always ensure a well-functioning project, with high safety and quality standards, including BREEM or LEED certifications. We also have an extensive and professional partner network that allows us to deliver comprehensive geoenergy projects.

Using geoenergy simply increases interest from potential investors and partners. Our facilities that combine energy from ground-source heating and cooling are an excellent choice for those who also want to minimize their environmental impact.


We assist you throughout your geoenergy project - from basic planning and feasibility studies to implementation and installation.


With over 80,000 drilled geoenergy wells, Rototec can ensure professional, flexible, and safe drilling for geoenergy projects.


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