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Mikko Ojanne - Rototec

Mikko Ojanne founded Rototec in 2007 together with his brother Timo Ojanne. Since then, the company has grown to become Europe's largest provider of geothermal energy, with over 80,000 drilled geothermal wells, and today operates in the U.S. as well. Ojanne has always been technically inclined and inventive, but it was actually just a coincidence that he ended up in the energy industry.  

I've always been interested in technology. When I was 24 years old, I worked as a salesman and met Lasse Hautanen, who then ran a water well company. We got along well, and one day I asked him to tell me more about what he was working on. Lasse said it would be worth investing in geothermal energy and drilling geothermal wells, even though the energy had already been extracted in Sweden for over 40 years.

This marked the beginning of Ojanne's journey in the energy industry, and the Ojanne brothers started a company together for drilling geothermal wells with Hautanen's support. Although Mikko did not have any education in the field, his innate interest in technology and solutions became a crucial factor for the company's growth – in just two years, the company's turnover increased from zero to four million euros.

Thanks to the business deal, I could realize my dream and invest the money wisely. I thought very differently than most others in the conservative drilling industry, and I wanted to develop the business in a different way.

Rototec – a pioneer in the energy industry

When the agreement was made, the parties had similar plans for the company's future in the industry, but after a few years, it became clear that the shared vision had disappeared. Ojanne then decided to start a geothermal well company in Finland together with his brother Timo. The Finnish way of doing business proved to be a key to success.

We started by establishing Finnish contacts and hired a Finnish CEO. We also appointed a Finnish management team that understood the Finnish culture while embracing the best of the Swedish culture. The company culture is not very hierarchical, and at Rototec, we focus a lot on collaboration. I can ask the installers for advice when making decisions, and I really want everyone to have the opportunity to participate and influence.

The geothermal energy industry has grown rapidly, and Ojanne sees Rototec as a pioneer in a relatively conservative industry. Previously, it was common to drill holes with a size of 5.5 inches for geothermal wells, even though it would be both mathematically and physically better with holes of 4.5 inches. When Rototec continued with smaller dimensions, others in the industry also began using the same size.

At first, our vision was to replace oil burners in residentials and replace them with an environmentally friendly alternative. At the same time, technology and efficiency have also progressed, which has made owners of larger properties also take notice of geothermal energy. Resource efficiency in a system where heating and cooling are combined can no longer be ignored.

According to Ojanne, fossil heating has now reached its limit. For example, energy can no longer compete with geothermal energy in terms of prices or environmental aspects, as it is now possible to utilize geothermal energy more versatilely. For example, heat and cold can be stored and used in the same system, as the need for heating and cooling depends on the seasons.


Sustainability and Responsibility

We design, drill, and install geothermal energy systems that combine ground heat and ground cooling. Therefore, we assist our customers in reducing their energy costs as well as decreasing their CO2 emissions and climate footprint.