Drilling for ground source heat pumps

Rototec is the leading provider of geothermal energy. We perform fast, flexible, and secure drilling and installation of systems that combine ground source heating and ground cooling

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Elevating Geothermal Energy Solutions with Rototec

Rototec stands at the forefront of sustainable energy solutions, offering unparalleled expertise in geothermal drilling and installation. With a commitment to quality and innovation, we provide comprehensive geothermal energy systems that not only harness the Earth's natural heat but also incorporate cutting-edge ground cooling technology.

With a track record boasting over 50 million drilled feet and in excess of 80,000 geothermal wells, Rototec proudly holds the mantle as the leading provider of geothermal energy solutions. Our industry-leading fleet of over 60 drilling units ensures unmatched capacity to meet the demands of projects of any scale. Backed by a team of seasoned professionals, we meticulously orchestrate the drilling and installation process, adhering to strict schedules while prioritizing safety at every step.

At Rototec, our mission goes beyond mere installation—we are committed to shaping a sustainable future powered by renewable energy. By leveraging our extensive experience and innovative approach, we empower our clients to embrace geothermal energy as a smart, eco-conscious choice for their energy needs. Join us as we pave the way towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow with Rototec.


Renewable and self-sufficient energy

Opting for our geothermal energy systems isn't just a wise economic decision—it's a crucial stride towards fostering sustainability, independence, and self-sufficiency in energy production.

When you choose to invest in geothermal energy, you're not only making a sound financial investment, but you're also actively contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. By supporting the adoption of geothermal solutions, you play a pivotal role in driving the green transition within the energy sector.

With each installation, we're collectively forging a path towards a more sustainable future—one that prioritizes environmental stewardship and embraces renewable energy sources.

Enhancing Sustainability, One Step at a Time: The Rototec Installation Process

At Rototec, we take pride in delivering meticulously planned, drilled, and installed geothermal wells. Our unwavering commitment to professionalism ensures that every aspect of your geothermal project is executed to the highest standards, exceeding expectations at every turn.

Dumpster delivery

Before we start our work, we deliver dumpsters to the site. These are used to collect and manage residues from drilling the geothermal wells, such as crushed rock, soil, and groundwater. The dumpsters are delivered by truck, which means that the street and the area adjacent to the site must be kept clear of obstacles during delivery. The size of our dumpsters is 12 feet long, 7 feet wide, and 7 feet high, and they must be placed close to the drilling site (maximum 100 feet).


The location of the boreholes and the drilling process are determined in the permit application and depend on the scope and number of wells. The drilling site should have a clear road with plenty of space, as well as access to electricity and water. We arrive at the site in a truck 57 feet long, 60,000 pounds equipped with a drilling rig weighing 16,000 pounds, measuring 20 feet in length, 6 feet in width, and 9 feet in height during transport. The erected drilling rig is 21 feet high. The distance between the truck and the borehole should not exceed 150 feet.


At the agreed-upon time, our installers arrive at the project site. Geothermal loops are installed in the boreholes, and the boreholes are grouted. Horizontal pipes are buried and drawn to the property. We drill into the property using diamond drills. Rototec completes the installation inside the facade, where a provider of the heat pump system takes over and connects the remaining parts. The placement of the system inside the property is determined in consultation with the heat pump provider.

Handling of Water and Stone Cuttings

During the drilling of geothermal wells, large quantities of water and residual products are used and generated, requiring environmentally friendly handling. Here, you can read more about how Rototec takes responsibility for this during the drilling process.


We take responsibility throughout the process

Handling of water and residues during drilling of geothermal wells is an important part of our sustainability efforts. When drilling geothermal wells, we need access to pressurized water to help bind residues such as drilling dust, soil, and stone cuttings.

The water and residues are managed during drilling in one of our dumpsters, where the water is separated from the residues. After completing the drilling, the purified water is released to a suitable location nearby, and the residues are transported away from the drilling site. In cases where water discharge is not possible, our water treatment system RotoCont and RotoCont+ are used. 

Once the drilling of the geothermal wells is completed, and the supplier has installed the heat pump, the operation of the system begins.

Are you looking for a supplier for a geothermal energy project?

Rototec offers both separate services for consultation, drilling, and installation of geothermal energy systems, but we can also provide complete solutions for ground source heating and cooling. In that case, we take care of the entire project in collaboration with our partners. Would you like to know more about our services or complete solutions?

Frequently asked questions about drilling and installing geothermal energy

How much space does the drilling equipment take up?

The drilling rig, truck, and the dumpster take up the most space. The space the drilling rig requires is comparable to that of a pickup truck, but it weighs around 16,000 pounds and is about 21 feet high during drilling.

What affects the depth of the geothermal wells and the size of the heat pump?

  • The size of the property and the need for heating and cooling
  • The property's heating distribution system
  • The property's geographical location and conditions

How long does it take to drill?

Drilling a well typically takes one day. If multiple wells are to be drilled, the drilling time increases proportionally.

How deep are the geothermal wells?

The drilling depth depends on the property's energy needs and can be determined after energy simulation and for larger projects, after test drilling.

Does drilling cause a lot of noise?

There is some noise during drilling. It's important to communicate potential disruptions to affected neighbors well in advance.

Can you drill in a pit?

No, the drilling site should be level.

Can you excavate for the horizontal pipes before drilling?

No, water often emerges during drilling, which can fill the trench.

Is the yard and landscaping affected during installation?

The installation may leave some visible traces, but we do everything we can to minimize the impact.

How long has Rototec been in the USA?

The operations in the USA started in the summer of 2023. Rototec has been drilling in Europe since 2007.

Is it possible to stay on the property during the work?

Yes, only certain outdoor areas may need to be cordoned off.

Rototec as a Partner

With a certified partner, your geothermal project becomes cost-effective, safe, and properly executed. Here you can read more about why it pays off to have Rototec as a partner when drilling and installing geothermal heating and cooling.

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