Rototec as a Company

Rototec LLC is a company specializing in drilling geothermal wells and providing geothermal consulting and measurements. We are part of the Rototec Group with companies in the USA, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. The group had a turnover of approximately 70 million USD in 2022.


Rototec - Tavoitteet, arvot ja vastuullisuus

Objectives, Values, and Responsibility

The modern, green, and sustainable energy revolution is here to stay. Rototec is an innovative pioneer in geothermal energy, and we aim to be at the forefront of creating a better future for future generations. We believe that the climate benefits from proactive environmental efforts with investments in renewable energy.

In the USA, we have everything we need for heating and cooling properties and buildings right beneath our feet. We recommend all property owners, businesses, and individuals to move away from old, traditional approaches to energy consumption and instead choose renewable and cost-effective geothermal energy.

At Rototec, we continuously work on sustainable and high-quality energy solutions. We prioritize workplace safety by using the right protective equipment and maintaining a recommended safety distance. Our drillers always follow a checklist to check and ensure that all work is done correctly – in all work situations, with each individual drilling. In case of any accidents, we have well-developed action plans to follow.