Rototec is the leading provider of geothermal energy wells. Our experts assist you through all phases of your geothermal project — from feasibility studies and drilling to installed energy systems.

Rototec – your Geoenergy Partner

Are you looking for a reliable partner for your geothermal project?

At Rototec, we are a quality-assured partner conducting drilling projects for geothermal heating and cooling. We drill and install geothermal wells in both new and existing properties and buildings. Collaborate with us to access our partner network.

Rototec - rådgivning och konsultering


We assist you through all phases of your geothermal project – from basic planning and feasibility studies to implementation and installation. Read more about our consulting services.
Rototec - Borrning av energibrunnar


With over 80,000 drilled geothermal wells, Rototec can guarantee professional, flexible, and safe drilling for geothermal projects.


Rototec as a Partner

By collaborating with a certified partner, your geothermal project becomes smooth and safe to execute. In this brochure, you can read about why it's worth partnering with Rototec for your geothermal project.

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