Geothermal Energy Consultation

Rototec is the leading provider of geothermal energy. We offer consulting services including advice, feasibility studies, design, measurements, and simulations for geothermal heating and cooling projects and drilling.

Consulting to ensure the success of your geothermal project

We want to ensure that all our geothermal projects are properly dimensioned and implemented. For us, this means meticulously conducted feasibility studies, test drilling, and TC tests, as well as simulations - all to make the geothermal system function as efficiently as possible.

In extensive and complex projects, significant cost savings can be achieved with the help of our consulting services. We offer everything from feasibility studies to implementation and system installation together with our partners.

Our Consulting Services


We provide comprehensive advice and consultation at every stage of your geothermal project. Our aim is to deliver tailored and optimized systems that seamlessly integrate geothermal heating and cooling, irrespective of the property or building's scale or complexity.

Preliminary Studies

In our initial assessments, we meticulously evaluate the feasibility of drilling and installing geothermal energy systems within a property or building. We analyze the viability of geothermal heating and cooling options, meticulously mapping out the property's specific energy requirements.

Design and Engineering

With a rich legacy of expertise, we proudly stand as the foremost provider of geothermal energy solutions. Our engineering proficiency spans all scales and types of geothermal heating and cooling systems, adeptly addressing even the most intricate requirements of diverse properties and buildings.


We conduct a range of measurements to analyze bedrock characteristics, ensuring high-quality project implementation. Our measurements include assessments of bedrock and boreholes in for large-scale projects, all executed using cutting-edge industry technology

Energy Simulations

We guarantee optimal sizing and performance through EED simulation. Utilizing the IDA ICE program, we simulate energy consumption and technical system solutions tailored to each property or building, ensuring the identification of the most effective solution.


Rototec as a Partner

With us as a certified partner, your geothermal project will be carried out smoothly and safely. In this brochure, you can read more about the benefits of working with Rototec in your next geothermal project.

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