Energy Simulations

Rototec ensures optimal sizing of your geothermal system using design and modeling software to simulate temperatures in the bedrock and the heat pump system.



In a geothermal energy system, the number of geothermal wells, their depth, and spacing must always be dimensioned according to the energy needs of the property. The boreholes are dimensioned using simulation programs and parameters such as data from Thermal Response Test (TRT) measurements.

Our experts also ensure optimal operation of our geothermal energy systems. Here, we use the design and modeling program EED (Earth Energy Designer). The program is typically used to simulate energy needs approximately 20 to 30 years into the future, but if necessary, it can provide simulations for up to 100 years. The results of the EED simulation are used, among other things, to create drilling plans.


EED- och IDA ICE-simulering

Rototec ensures an optimal dimensioning of your geothermal system using the design and dimensioning program EED (Earth Energy Designer).

Our consulting services


At Rototec, we offer consultation in all phases of your geoenergy project. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the most optimized installations that combine ground source heating and cooling.

Feasibility Studies

 In our feasibility studies, we analyze the suitability for drilling and installing geoenergy systems in a property or building. Here, we map out the specific energy needs of the objects and provide a cost estimate accordingly.


Vi är en erfaren pionjär i branschen och kan stolt titulera oss som Europas största leverantör av geoenergi. Vår ingenjörskonst passar alla typer och storlekar av anläggningar för bergvärme och bergkyla.


We conduct various types of measurements to ensure the highest quality in our projects. We perform measurements of the bedrock and boreholes in our drilling fields using state-of-the-art technology in the industry.



We ensure optimal dimensioning and operation through EED simulation. Rototec simulates the property's energy consumption and technology to find the best solution for each property or building.

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