Sustainability and Responsibility

Geothermal energy is classified as the smartest and most sustainable energy source for the future. It is an environmentally friendly, self-sufficient, and economically sound choice for energy supply. With the use of geothermal energy, we become more resource-efficient while simultaneously reducing CO2 emissions.

— Mikko Ojanne, Founder of Rototec.

Sustainability — The Core of Our Work

Sustainability is at the core of Rototec's operations. We aim to infuse our entire organization with sustainability, aligning with both USA's and the global climate goals. We work hard to contribute to a better and more sustainable future. For us, sustainability encompasses climate and environmental issues, as well as economic aspects for investors, property owners, and stakeholders utilizing geothermal energy.

In 2021, Formica Capital acquired Rototec. The company only invests in businesses and activities actively engaged in sustainability, with solutions and products aligned with global climate goals. Formica Capital invests based on the following three criteria:

The business idea – positive from a transition and sustainability perspective.
Leadership –  purpose-driven, not just focused on profitability.
Responsibility conducts operations in a responsible manner.

Solutions and services that meet global climate goals.

Rototec's sustainability efforts contribute to ensuring that our own operations, as well as those of our customers and partners, remain energy-efficient and sustainable in the long term. We offer services and solutions that enable the achievement of sustainability goals. We ensure that all aspects of a geothermal energy project comply with sustainability requirements.

We aim to create a better future for future generations

Rototec is an innovative pioneer in geothermal energy. We aim to be at the forefront of the energy revolution and create a better tomorrow for future generations.

In the USA, we have everything we need for both heating and cooling right beneath our feet. Geothermal Energy is an independent energy source that meets the future demands for energy supply and allows us to become more self-sufficient in energy. We believe that the worst-case scenario of climate change can be prevented through policies that favor renewable energy.

We recommend all stakeholders, property owners, and construction companies of all sizes to choose an independent, renewable, and cost-effective energy source that aligns with the future.


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