Design and Engineering

We are experienced pioneers in the energy industry and can proudly claim the title of the largest provider of ground-source heating and cooling through geoenergy installations.

We combine design and engineering

Our engineering expertise caters to all types and sizes of geoenergy projects. We specialize in installations for properties and buildings with larger and more complex energy systems. Our installations often require more advanced and customized solutions, and together with our engineers, we design the best solution for your project or property. For example:

  • Planning and drawings for drilling and installation of geothermal wells
  • Design of horizontals
  • Pressure drop calculations to ensure that the pipes in the system have the correct dimensions
  • Drawings implemented in either 2D and 3D formats"

The project plan guides the drilling of the geothermal wells

Based on TC measurements and EED simulation, a detailed plan is created for drilling and installing the horizontal pipe system.

The drilling plan is an important part of the project documentation. It includes information about dimensions, directions, and inclinations in the geothermal wells, allowing drilling and installation of the pipe systems to be performed correctly and safely.

The drilling plan also shows the distance between and placement of horizontal pipes.

Our Consulting Services


At Rototec, we offer consultancy services in all phases of your geoenergy project. Our goal is to always provide our customers with the most optimized systems that combine ground-source heating and cooling.

Preliminary Studies

In our feasibility studies, we analyze the suitability for drilling and installing geoenergy systems in a property or building. Here, we map out the specific energy needs of the objects and then provide a cost estimation.

Design and Engineering

We are an experienced pioneer in the industry and can proudly claim to be the largest provider of geoenergy. Our engineering expertise suits all types and sizes of ground-source heating and cooling installations.


We conduct various types of measurements to ensure that our projects maintain the highest quality. We perform measurements of the bedrock and boreholes in the drilling fields using the latest technology in the industry

Energy Simulations

We ensure optimal sizing and operation through EED simulation. With IDA ICE, the property's energy consumption and technology are simulated to find the best solution for each property or building.


Rototec as a Partner

With us as a certified partner, your geoenergy project will be smoothly and safely executed. In this brochure, you can read more about the benefits of working with Rototec in your next geoenergy project.

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