Geothermal Energy for Residential Homes

Geothermal energy is a cost-effective and environmentally friendly choice for the future. Our systems combine geothermal heating and cooling, which also increases the value of your property.

Reduce your costs with geothermal energy

An increasing number of homes are choosing geothermal energy to combine heating and cooling. It's not surprising, as it is a cost-effective form of energy that pays for itself in about 10 years. Combining geothermal heating and cooling makes the property more self-sufficient, while energy costs become more predictable and independent of market prices.

Geothermal energy is classified as a renewable and emission-free form of energy. As an investor in geothermal energy, you increase the value of your property and gain significant advantages in the housing market. Our geothermal energy systems can be installed almost anywhere – even in properties located in central parts of a city.


We assist you throughout your geothermal energy project – from basic planning and preliminary studies to implementation and installation.


With over 80,000 drilled geothermal wells, Rototec can ensure professional, flexible, and safe drilling for your geothermal energy project.


Geothermal Energy for Residential Homes

Read more about how to ensure an efficient geothermal energy project and why geothermal energy is an excellent choice for the residential homes.


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